Counselling Which topics should be discussed before getting married?

What is the objective? What is analysed? How are the sessions?

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What is the objective?

Before getting married it is advisable to do several Counselling sessions for couples with the objective of strengthening the emotional ties and redefine the basic structures of the future family.

Counselling which must be discussed before getting married. What is analyzed?

In the sessions for marriage the following issues are analysed:

  • The relational patters of each one the members of the couple
  • The conscious and subconscious expectations of each one
  • The common goals
  • The influence of each one’s self-esteem in the relationship
  • Sexuality and posible parentality
  • The relationship with the future extended family of the spouse.
  • The expression of the most uncomfortable emotions

How are the sessions?

In these sessions there is a didactic part in which you learn the art of communication in the couple with the objective of preventing problems in the future and use these abilities as basic tools for negotiation and handling marriage crisis.

In CONSULTERAPIA, we propose between 4 and 6 sessions of preparation for your marriage. However, if you are an intercultural couple, interreligious or both, we recommend between 6 and 10 sessions to prevent conflicts and learn to implement unity in diversity.


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