Counselling for intercultural couples

Growth opportunities and challenges of intercultural couples. What can we help you with? Some of the common problems in intercultural couples are.

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Growth opportunities and challenges of intercultural couples

Intercultural couples offer a special opportunity for growth to each of its members, as they pose additional relational challenges.

If you and your partner are from two different cultural backgrounds, races or religions, you may have some additional difficulties with regard to cultural issues. It is important to know and respect both cultures that are interacting in your relationship.

In what can we help you in the counselling of intercultural-couples?

In CONSULTERAPIA, we are specialists in intercultural couples and can help you with all communicational problems related with cultural, racial or religious issues.

The trans-cultural counselling which we do, allows us to introduce changes in the family dynamics to prevent further problems and effectively solve existing conflicts.

Some common problems in inter-cultural couples are:

  • Difficulties in reaching agreements about the children’s education
  • Difficulties  with you spouses family (laws, cousins, uncles, etc)
  • The relationship with the religious or racial community  of  your partner
  • Where and how to celebrate holy days or festivals
  • How to share the traditions and popular wisdom of each culture
  • Difficulties in managing the differences in perception  of reality
  • Differences in how to manage crisis and difficulties

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