Individual Counselling and personal growth

What does individual Counselling and personal growth consist of? Is Counselling the same as Psychotherapy? Who can benefit from Counselling?

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What does individual Counselling and personal growth consist of?

Counselling is very much used in anglosaxon countries and millions of people have benefitted from its benefitial effects.

Counselling is a professional help and assistance with the objective of exploring and managing different aspects in each person’s life. It is like opening new windows, new options, new ways of managing life, work, family relationships, studies, etc. The main objective of Counselling is to Foster psychological wellbeing in each individual, opening the way towards a happier and fuller life experience.

Is Counselling the same as Psychotherapy?

Although Counselling is not psychotherapy in itself, some of the techniques and theories used come from psychotherapy. This method does not deepen into the issues as Psychotherapy does and is normally of a shorter duration.

In CONSULTERAPIA, we use this form of help both with youth as with adults and its efficiency is fast and durable.

Who can benefit from Counselling?

Counselling is advisable for those who wish to:

  • Increase their personal growth, but without deepening too much in their intra-psychic conflicts
  • Taking decisions, at a professional, family, academic and/or personal level.
  • Explore and resolve pending issues
  • Management of stressful or critical situations in life
  • Management of emotions, such as rage or fear
  • Reconnect with their inner self
  • Develop communicative abilities
  • Seeking a couple for a durable and satisfactory relationship
  • Take decisions about child education or the relationship with grandparents
  • An emotional and social support in moments of stress and difficulties


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