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What does Counselling consist of? What can Counselling be useful for?

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What does Counselling consist of?

Counselling is very much used in anglo-saxon countries and millions of people have benefitted from its beneficial effects.

Counselling is a professional help and assistance with the objective of exploring and managing different aspects in each person’s life. It is like opening new windows, new options, new ways of managing life, work, family relationships, studies, etc. The main objective of Counselling is to Foster psychological wellbeing in each individual, opening the way towards a happier and fuller life experience.

What can Counselling be useful for?

  • For personal growth or that of the couple.
  • To search for guiding and well-being in life
  • To treat professional or relationship issues
  • To be able to develop new parenting abilities
  • How to choose the right couple
  • To help you know which issues you must consult about before marrying
  • Guiding you in the process of taking some important decission
  • Foreigners. To help you endure the cultural shock of being emigrants
  • Help adolescents and/or youth in their process of independence and autonomy.
  • Support intercultural and/or interreligious couples
  • Assist you in the development of your leadership skills
  • To restore confidence and equilibrium after a crisis


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